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Architectural webdesign is a pleasurable sideline of Richard Bosch, a Portland architect and his oddball associates. We are here to help other design professionals and non-profits - and other oddballs - establish a straightforward, but secure web presence - for those who do not need to conduct financial transactions through their website. That's where the pleasurable part ends.

Many of the webpages we have produced are intended for public viewing, of course, but many are also intended to organize large amounts of information, such as drawings and photos, in an archival format. This has proven particularly useful to academics who might be assembling large quantities of images and text for an upcoming publication.

A good example is the Peterson/Littenberg Architects website which functions as a transition towards a series of print articles and books that will be published during 2019.

You don’t have to be an architect for me to design a website for you. But, I am foremost an architect and that means I produce designs - both websites and company logos - that are crisp and well organized. [Or a deliberate hodgepodge like this page.]

I consider myself more of a problem solver than an architect; my training prepared me for all kinds of activities related to graphic design and publishing:

• To produce technical drawings and illustrations

• To design logos and graphic layouts and maps

• To enhance photos and images

I am skilled in book publishing and would make a good partner to that brilliant, but befuddled academic who needs a well-organized associate - you know who you are!

I am often called eagle eye for my impeccable [and sometimes irritating] text editing and proofreading skills acquired from 25 years in the public sector.

I speak Italian and have translated over 500 pages of Italian websites into American English. Please visit the Traduzioni Culturali website if you need more information about Italian translation.

Here is just a smattering of the 1,000+ individual webpages we have published: hiking trail and ADA non-profits, befuddled academics, local artists, a piano tuner, an Italian cyclist, a high school class reunion, local architects, an architectural historian, a speech therapist - a veritable De Cameron of web clients.