You don’t have to be an architect for me to design a website for you.  But, I am foremost an architect and that means I produce designs - both websites and company logos - that are crisp and well organized. 

Many of the webpages I have produced are intended for public viewing, of course, but are also intended to archive large amounts of information, such as drawings and photos.  A good example is the Villas of the Veneto site which is designed to provide bicyclists a handy resource for visiting villas in the Veneto while they are on biking excursions - nearly 100 pages; 100’s of photographs and with my custom-designed maps.

If you have never collaborated before in the designing of a webpage - not to worry.  As I advise my clients:

  1. To design graphics from scratch takes a bit of patience and a lot of slight variations to get the result just right, but not to seem discouraging, to set up a website is quick and easy.  If you had content already written and an approximation of what you like, we would go through these steps: 

  2. first determine size of page - width and height - for instance, this page is 1300 pixels wide;

  3. then, the number of pages [probably 1, to start with] and their content; 

  4. then develop an esthetic that defines your business, perhaps by modifying an existing template or inspired by another website you have seen; 

  5. then place text and graphics; and

  6. finally discuss fonts and special designs that, again, define your business.

All of that would take only a few hours, if both parties are willing to check their browsers and email frequently.  Once we select a domain name, it will be possible to publish the site instantly through my hosting service.  Instant publishing means it can be designed and looked at as a real website as we go along; that’s the virtue of this method.

Richard Bosch Architect

255 SW Harrison Street Townhouse 11

Portland, Oregon 97201

“...this website far exceeds my expectations and I am very excited about it!  It is a well-organized, sophisticated site that gives us a focal point for sharing information with subscribers, expands our training emphasis, and will drive sales to the door.  Thank you!”  Gretchen Bebb, TreatWrite

“I, for one, am grateful that you were patient enough to work with me...”  SS, Springfield Speech Pathology

“How many ways can I say you ROCK!  These pages are awesome.  I love the collage and what you did with last night's award is wonderful.  You do things so quickly...  In broadcasting we call that a quick turnaround.  So glad you have been willing to take on this project even with the bumps along the way.  I so appreciate you!”  Sharon Mitchell, former Portland TV newswoman

“You have a unique offering, which is the integration of broad considerations and experiences through graphic design. Also, your clients and partners love working with you.”  Michele Poyourow, Poyourow Consulting

"You make us all look and sound better than we really are!"  Georgena Moran, Access Recreation

Selected logos and monograms